The Melbourne food scene is brutal. While Supermaxi’s foreseeable future is unlikely to run into trouble, seeing as it’s essentially the perfect local pizza bar; the real question for you and this blog as a whole, comes down to whether it’s a spot worth traveling across town for, as they ultimately deliver delicious, but not world shattering pizzas. It’s a… More Supermaxi

Agathe Patisserie

Now at its super stall in South Melbourne Market, be prepare to feast your eyes on pastries that seemed to have been delivered from the hands of God. Hand-made by Agathe, an expatriate of France, you know you’re getting some serious shit as she pipes your cruffin full of custard (or whichever rotating flavour of the week) in… More Agathe Patisserie


After their original popular stint as a pop up, Pidapipo is here to stay and has been thriving since its opening just before last year’s Christmas. Ensuring that everything is made of the highest quality ingredients, owner Lisa Valmorbida, has sourced ingredients from local and Italian producers to make sure you’re getting the real deal. Unlike… More Pidapipo

Meat Maiden

While Meat Mother broke new ground by offering up some serious meat alongside more meat (definitely one of the early pioneers of bringing serious American BBQ to Melbourne). Meat Maiden feels like the logical evolution of the elder restaurant, with a more sophisticated setup and appropriate drink offerings for the more corporate crowds of the city.… More Meat Maiden

Operator 25

Operator 25’s actually been around for a quite a while, however unlike many of its compatriots, its now booming popularity was a bit slow to come by. But for all the people who are now lining up waiting for a table in front of its doors, its something that’s more than deserved. Big thanks goes… More Operator 25

Shanghai Street

The best soup dumplings (xiao long bao) at its price point, if you want cheap dumplings, then there is no comparison, this is the place to be. While Hutong Dumpling Bar, East Bar & Restaurant, New Shanghai in Emporium and soon to open, Ding Tai Fung will fight it out for top spot, Shanghai Street… More Shanghai Street

Hammer & Tong 412

As good as their brunch service is (easily one of the best in Melbourne), I honestly believe that their dinner service delivers something even better. Underappreciated, and possibly even a “secret” to the typical Melbourne diner, Hammer & Tong offers a creative and well valued after dark menu that easily impresses and a perfect place to take that… More Hammer & Tong 412